About Atec

Atec is a Dutch manufacturer that has been making high-quality horse trailers for decades. Atec knows the horse world like the back of its hand and is aware how complex transporting an animal can be.

Precious possession

A horse is a precious and treasured possession. Atec horsetrailers aims to provide optimum comfort for you and your valuable transport. Comfort and well-being of the horses must be guaranteed during transport.

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Atec design

Sustainable and safe

During the development of an Atec horse trailer, durability and the safety of the horse and its companion are central. This results in aerodynamic and user-friendly horse trailers that are 100% wood-free.

Knowledge advantage

Part of the Anssems group, Atec benefits from the knowledge advantage of a large European company with locations in the Netherlands, Germany and France.

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Atec brochure

Download the latest brochure from Atec containing an overview of all models, specifications and accessories.

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