Mustang Makeover 2023

Sponsored by Atec Trailers

Be enchanted by the incomparable magic of mustangs and experience a unique event full of emotions. The bond between man and horse is absolutely at the forefront here and it is beautifully shown what can be achieved with patience and love. A wild mustang becomes a partner, a companion and a true friend.

Within exciting programme sections, you can admire the work of trainers and feel the invisible bond. Atec will also be present and support the event with its luxurious and comfortable Thensa horse trailers.

Atec has been manufacturing high-quality horse trailers that offer optimal comfort for you and your horse for decades. Comfort and well-being of the horses are guaranteed during transport. With an Atec horse trailer, you travel comfortably and safely.

Visit Mustang Makeover 2023

We are looking forward to this unique event full of emotions and the magic of mustangs.

Location: CHIO Gelände, Aachen
Date: August 12-13, 2023

Mustang Makeover Event date
Mustang Makeover Event 2023


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