Atec horse trailer accessories

Head grid

It is important to make your horse feel good in the trailer. You do this through your riding behaviour and the layout of the trailer. A horse uses its head to keep itself balanced, so tying the head is not desirable. A Head grid (or stallion partition) protects the horse and prevents undesirable behaviour.


Axle shock absorbers

You probably know that transport in a trailer is not easy for your horse. Vibrations can cause stress. Avoid unnecessary vibrations by adapted riding behaviour. Shock absorbers can also contribute to this. Axle shock absorbers increase comfortable riding behaviour, optimal road holding and damping. They also improve stability when riding and braking. Thensa 2500 kg. is already equipped with axle shock absorbers.

Automatically retracting rear mesh

An automatic retractable rear mesh (insect screen) operates easily and quickly. It protects your horses from insects and reduces wind noise. A fine-meshed rear screen keeps the horse trailer cooler for longer.

Atec Thensa gaasdoek

Spare wheel

A deflated tyre on your horse trailer is a setback. You avoid extra delay and fit a spare wheel. We recommend practising a tyre change under the supervision of a professional.

Chest bar cushions

Chest bar cushions increase comfort for your horse. Made of durable plastic.

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Third LED brake light

Be more visible in traffic with a third brake light. LED brake light built into licence plate holder.

Wall cushions

While riding, the horse needs to maintain and correct its balance. The wall cushions (side wall pads) protect the horse when it hits the wall.

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