The Anssems transport department takes care of planning, logistics and delivery. From the different European factory locations the Anssems drivers supply their Anssems dealers.


The Anssems transport department enables the Anssems company to quickly respond to demands in the European market and deliver directly to its dealer network. Interested in becoming an Anssems dealer? Leave your details here.


Anssems Aanhangwagens does not sell directly to end user. You can purchase a Anssems trailer via an extensive dealer network. Looking for a local Anssems dealer? Contact us here.

Quick delivery

Are you looking for a box van trailer, low loader trailer, flatbed trailer, horse trailer, tipper or a car- or machine transporter? The local Anssems dealer can supply you. The Anssems delivery times are short because most trailers and accessories are available from stock. View all Anssems models.